GDR VEB work platform lift lifting platform lift elevator FH 1600/1


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GDR VEB work platform lift lifting platform lift elevator FH 1600/1

Mobile mast climbing platform FH 1600/1. Please contact us before purchasing under the following email address: Do not just buy, because we have to calculate the shipping costs for the shipping company first.

You are purchasing an original construction lift from German production! Mobile lifting platform trailer manufacturer Building equipment Lengenfeld.

(The unit has been built to raise four persons + 80 kg payload or a GG 400 kg at heights that can not normally be reached by ladders. The platform consists of a mobile trailer substructure with torsion bar axle 2 air tires, a work basket and a maintenance-free greasy pole.)

Mobile 4 Persons construction lift!

(the stage can, among other things od for facades. Roof work can be used)


+ Can comfortable get on by two people and are degraded

+ Each mast elements are each placed over another (3 pins) and bolted together (3x)

+ Automatically at start-up on the mast end over end switch off (triple protection by two limit switches)

+ Switches shutdown in the lowest position limit switches automatically from

+ Comfortable entry to the basket Head

+ Operation stage on the control box to the basket

+ Stable support

+ Easy maneuvering by large wheels and drawbar

+ Rapid lifting and lowering speed

+ High working height

+ Versatile

+ Easy handling

+ Robust design

+ Railings removable

+ Good od for transporting (eg on car-trailer). Pull with truck clutch, not street legal, max. at 25 km / h road carry (similar equipment)


+ Remote control unit for controlling out of the basket

+ 9 mast elements

+ Limit switch - Lift

+ Limit - Lower

+ Circular level for precisely aligning

+ 4-point support

+ Drawbar truck clutch

+ UVV according to VGB 07/2009


Manufacturer: VEB rationalization Building Dresden

Type: FH 1600/1

Payload: [kg] 400 (4 persons)

max. Platform height: [m] 16,12

Working height [m] approx 17.92

Deadweight up: [kg] 963

Supply voltage: [V] 380 three-phase

Engine output (two engines): [kW] 1,1

Plug-in device: [A] 16 CEE

Length of the mast elements: [mm] 1530

Basket dimensions:

-> Length [mm] 4900

-> Width [mm] 1200

-> Railing Height [mm] 1040

Track width [mm] 1700

The construction hoist (Workplatform) is fully operational, the technology was partly by a specialist workshop renewed (eg taillights, circular level, support wheel).

The stage has always stood in the dry.

Visit any time (request via email)! Email:

+049 (0) 176/21193525

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